Immigration Appeals


Immigration appeal

Immigration appeal in the UK is quite a process. In some cases an appeal will not even be considered and in other cases certain steps must be followed meticulously or you risk your appeal to be null and voided. Some appeals must be made in a specific time frame, which if not abided, will also kill and appeal before it ever sees the light of day.

The Immigration appeal process recently underwent a few changes, not all of which are easily comprehensible for a layman; therefore it is wise to consult a solicitor or at least an expert on the process.

One of the most significant changes implemented since 19 December 2011 addresses where an appeal may be lodged. In the past one may have submitted an appeal at their home-based office out of the UK. That is no longer the case. Instead, one must lodge their appeal at the Tribunal located in the United Kingdom.

The Fee must be paid at the time of the application for appeal.

Another example of a significant change is that as of 11 May 2012 the right of full appeal against all family visit visa appeals has been removed. This rule will be in force by 2014.

These are only a couple examples of changes made in the immigration appeals rules and regulations. To better understand the new rules and how they affect your appeals you should read the specific rules as they relate to your case:

  • A student who wishes to attend schools in the UK who has been denied. Learn under what circumstances a person can denied a student visa and what actions one should take to appeal.
  • A family member wishes to visit a relative in the UK, but has been denied the family visitor visa. Learn why such a visa can be denied and what you can to appeal.

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